Barker's Island Beach Restoration Project

The Barker’s Island Inner Beach is 6.74 acres of public recreational area owned by the City of Superior. It is made up of 1,400 feet of Lake Superior shoreline access located near public boat launches and the marina.

The beach has been routinely sampled for E. coli, during the beach season over the past decade and data suggest that a number of E. coli sources influence the water quality at the beach. Restoration of the beach and recreational area is needed to mitigate potential E. coli sources and contribute to beneficial use impairment (BUI) removal. This restoration is also listed as a project in the St. Louis River Area of Concern Remedial Action Plan, item 7.04. A number of potential pathogen sources have been identified including: storm water runoff, waterfowl and gulls, trash and debris, and pets.

The project will utilize low impact design principals and green infrastructure to achieve greater infiltration and storm water treatment at the recreation area. Approximately 1,750 feet of pedestrian trail may need to be relocated or replaced to maximize the ecological aspect of the area to improve water quality. Any work done on the site must improve water quality, be presented and approved by the community, maintain recreational use and not allow for erosion of the beach and improvements.

Grant dollars have been received to fund the engineering and design.  The grant for the project has been submitted. If funding is secured, the restoration will begin late summer of 2018.

The first public meeting regarding the project was held on January 24, 2018.  The second and final public meeting was held on  April 25, 2018.  Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.  

Here is a great conceptual video highlighting the project!

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