Waterways - Streams & Rivers

Do you know the local streams, rivers and creeks in Superior?

There are seven main creeks, streams, and rivers in Superior. Superior is bordered by the St. Louis River and Superior Bay. Water, water, water all around.

Here is a peak at Superior without roads.

Main streams from west to east are Pokegama River, Faxon Creek, Newton Creek, Nemadji River, Bluff Creek, Bear Creek and Dutchman Creek.

The Pokegama River is nearly 26 miles long and originates in the Pokegama-Carnegie wetlands near the Wisconsin/Minnesota border by Jay Cooke State Park. The Pokegama River provides important spawning areas for walleye, northern pike, longnose and white suckers, burbot and more. The watershed is 75.3 km2 and the creek is _ km long. 

Here is a view of Faxon Creek running through Central Park. Faxon Creek starts near Heritage Park and enters Lake Superior near Barker's Island. A portion of it is channelized near Central Park and then travels underground. The watershed is 10.7 km2 and the creek is _ km long. 

Newton Creek is a short stream, running for 1.6 miles through industrial, commercial, recreational, and residential areas. It discharges into Superior Bay at Hog Island inlet. The watershed is 1.3 km2 and the creek is _ km long. 

The Nemadji River bends and turns for 433 miles in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, passing through highly erodable soils. Some bends were cutoff naturally over time and small oxbow or horse lakes have been made. Nearly 33,000 tons of sediment are discharged from the Nemadji to Superior Bay annually. There are nearly 27,000 acres of wetland in the Nemadji watershed. The watershed is 1156.6 km2 and the creek is _ km long. 

Bluff Creek travels about 18 miles through Superior before flowing into Allouez Bay. It is an intermittent warm-water runoff stream. Frequent flood events in Bluff Creek are common. The watershed is 50.5 km2 and the creek is _ km long. 

Bear Creek enters Lake Superior at Allouez Bay in Bear Creek Park which is off 2nd St near Moccasin Mike Rd.The mouth of Bear Creek is an important spawning area for northern pike and other warm water species of fish. The watershed is 23.5 km2 and the creek is _ km long. 

Dutchman Creek is a 9-mile tributary to Lake Superior on the eastern border of Superior, WI. The creek discharges into Lake Superior at the end of Moccasin Mike Rd. Dutchman Creek is a very turbid (muddy) stream, and although its riparian area is relatively undisturbed, stormwater runoff from residential areas enters this waterway. The watershed is 18.1 km2 and the creek is _ km long. 

Download a Superior Streams Brochure to learn more about these streams.