Act 274

In accordance with Wisconsin Act 274, the City of Superior is required to provide tenant billing for sewage only at the owner’s request starting January 2015.
Unless otherwise arranged, wastewater bills will remain in the property owner’s name and are sent to the property owner’s mailing address.
Even with an active owner/tenant agreement, the owner is still the legal guarantor of the account and as such is still ultimately responsible for payment of all charges for sewage.
Fees include a monthly connection fee of $5.50 per month per meter, a variable fee of $7.71 per unit of water used based on readings from Superior Water Light and Power, and late fees assessed at one (1) percent of unpaid invoices per month.
Accounts not paid in full by November 1 each year will be assessed a ten (10) percent penalty. Accounts not paid in full by November 15 each year will be assessed to the owner’s property tax.
Click here to read 2013 Wisconsin Act 274.
Click here for more information on Wisconsin Act 274 and the Owner/Tenant Agreement Form for Wastewater Billing. Use this form to request tenant billing effective 1st quarter of 2015
New Sewage/Stormwater/Recycling Billing System Coming for 2015!
Our new billing system will allow for tenants/owners to set up online accounts to view balances and create automatic or one time online payments.
More information about our new billing system will be posted as it becomes available!