Adopt Your Neighborhood Stormdrain 

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Adopt-a-Stormdrain Volunteer today!

Download forms, fill-out, and email to Megan. Or download, print off, fill-out, and sign. Please email, mail, or turn in forms during Adopt-a-Stormdrain Orientation.
Or fill out and submit registration and liability waiver forms online:
Once a week, and before and after storms, please fill-out:

As an Adopt-a-Stormdrain Volunteer you help:

    • Prevent localized flooding in your neighborhood by keeping drains free of debris.
    • Protect fish & other wildlife by keeping pollutants from entering streams, rivers, and Lake Superior
    • Assist City staff & crews in maintaining the City's over 2,000 storm drains.

The  Adopt-a-Stormdrain Program...  

Is an effort to restore our area rivers and lakes by looking upstream to where their water comes from. This program works to clean waterways be keeping the stormdrains that feed them free from litter, leaves, and debris.Keeping debris away from the stormdrains also reduces the chance of flooding in yards and homes in your neighborhood.
This program is designed to recruit residents, neighborhoods, businesses, community groups, and youth to take sustained action to keep storm drains clear and clean. 

Volunteers will be provided with instructions to care for a storm drain or multiple drains on their street. Tasks include monitoring and removing debris from the storm drain(s) approximately once a week during the storm season. Hours will be tracked by the volunteer and submitted to the City after each clean-up or at the end of November. 

Download an Adopt-a-Drain brochure.

Stormdrain Maintenance Guidelines:

    1. Wear provided volunteer t-shirt or bright colors.
    2. We recommend for you to clean stormdrains weekly, and before and after storm events.
    3. Clean during daylight and do not clean stormdrain(s) when cars are present.
    4. Clean gutter 5 feet on either side of stormdrain.
    5. Clean from curbside for safety. Sweep debris from curb towards road.
    6. Using a shovel, remove overgrown vegetation within 1-2 feet of stormdrain.
    7. Collect and put trash in garbage or plastic in recycling. If you have a compost, collect leaves and grass to add compost.
    8. Hazardous materials (i.e. syringes) can be placed in hazardous material containers provided. For removal, you can also call the Superior Fire Department at (715) 394-0227. After hours, contact 911.
    9. To remove dead animals, call Public Works at (715) 395-7334. After hours, contact 911.
    10. Download the inspection form (listed above),  fill out online or print off. Complete form during each inspection and submit online or mail in. 

​   As a Superior Resident... 

    Everything that happens within the boundaries of the City of Superior affects the health of Lake Superior. It’s important to not only do your part on your own property and neighborhood to reduce environmental risk to Lake Superior, but to encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same! 

biggest threat to Lake Superior is the storm drain system-or more accurately the huge volume of water that runs off our rooftops, driveways, patios, sidewalks, and roads into the storm drain system when it rains. 

runoff washes trash, dirt, fertilizer, pesticides, road salt, dog poop, and other pollutants directly into the nearest waterway. Rain rushing down the storm drain system can turn the rivers and streams into raging torrents that scour the stream banks, and sends tons of sediment and pollution into Lake Superior.



Megan Högfeldt
Water Resources Specialist 

51 E 1st St
Superior, WI 54880

Ph: (715) 394-0392 ext. 1033
Fx: (715) 394-0406


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm