Adopt Programs

The Adopt Program allows individuals, businesses and organizations to show pride in their community by taking an active role in the upkeep and improvements of local parks, gardens, streets/trails, beaches, and outdoor ice rinks. Volunteers work with staff in selecting an area that may be adopted and then work to keep that area beautiful by planting flowers, painting, reporting vandalism or damage, planning clean-up days and other maintenance activities. We ask for a minimum commitment of two years of service and in return, the City will place a sign acknowledging the adopter's work in their assigned area. For more information and to see if your area of interest is available, please call 715-395-7270 or email

If the Adopt Program is something for you, fill out an Adopt Application and email or mail it to the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department!

We also have information at the bottom of this page showing what areas are available (and those areas already adopted).

What is the Adopt Program?

The Adopt Program is a collaborative effort between Superior residents and the Parks and Recreation Department to improve and maintain our parks, gardens, trails,  beaches and ice rinks. Community groups, organizations, businesses, families, or individuals can volunteer their time through the Adopt Program to improve whichever adopted area they are assigned to. Adopters can work on a variety of projects including planting and maintaining flower beds, maintaining trails, painting and caring for park structures, cleaning up litter, reporting vandalism, and other maintenance activities that the Adopters deem necessary.

Why should I adopt?

Benefits of becoming a part of the Adopt Program are numerous. By working in Adopt Program, you will be able to feel more connected and engaged to the local community and take pride in knowing that your work is making a difference in your own backyard. By working with others to improve your adopted area, you can strengthen your organization through community service and team building, while accomplishing something positive.

As for your adopted area, general maintenance will improve the quality and beauty of the City of Superior. City residents who use your adopted area and live in the surrounding areas will enjoy a more pleasant experience and a safer, cleaner local environment due to your work.

To show our appreciation, Parks and Recreation will post a sign in your adopted park to recognize the work you or your organization is doing.

What is expected of the adopters?

Groups who chose to partake in the Adopt Program are expected to play an active role in the upkeep and improvements of local parks, gardens, beaches, ice rinks and streets/trails. As adopters, you will be able to keep your designated area beautiful by planting flowers, painting, reporting vandalism or damage, planning clean-up days and other maintenance activities.

How do I adopt?

If your adopted area is open (please see the charts towards the end of this page), please fill out an Adopt Application form and email or mail it to the Parks and Recreation Department. Feel free to call 715-395-7270 if further clarity is needed about the Adopt Program. Adoptable areas are assigned on a first come-first served basis. A two-year commitment is required when adopting an area.

Who can adopt?

Any group, organization, business, family or individual may adopt.

How much does it cost?

It’s free! However, time commitments are needed to complete tasks. The City of Superior can provide all the necessary supplies, such as plants, garbage bags, gloves, paint, or other tools with three days prior notice to when they are needed.

How often should Adopt Program Services occur?

Service within your Adopted area should occur at a minimum of three times each year, preferably one time in the spring, summer and fall.

What is required by volunteers?

The Adopt Program requires every volunteer to sign a liability waiver form. The waiver releases and forever discharges and holds the City harmless from any and all liability, claims, and demands, either in law or in equity, which may arise from Volunteer’s activities with the City. Minors must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver.

What if children under the age of 18 will be volunteering?

Adult supervision must be provided for children under the age of 18. One adult supervisor is recommended for every 5 to 6 youth along with completed Volunteer Waiver and Release of Liability form for each participant.

What should I do if our group contact changes?

If for any reason your group contact changes, please call or email the Parks and Recreation Department with the new contact’s name, address and phone number.

What should we do if we see illegal dumping, destruction of property, or unsafe objects?

Any vandalism or potential safety hazards should be reported to the Parks and Recreation Department at 715-395-7270.

What tools and assistance are available to maintain my adopted park?

The Parks and Recreation Department will provide any tools, equipment, supplies or materials required to perform tasks under the Adopt Program with at least three days prior notice to when they are needed.

What if I have a large amount of yard waste or debris?

If the amount of garbage you collect cannot fit into a park garbage can, please leave it beside the garbage can and call the Parks and Recreation Department (715-395-7270) to notify them of where it is placed. A City worker will collect the bag(s) and dispose of the garbage properly.

Other Important Notes

  • Wear comfortable shoes, weather appropriate clothing, and gloves.
  • Have your designated supervisor carry with him or her, a first-aid kit and have them be aware of local emergency services numbers.
  • Adopt Program activities should occur only during daylight hours, weather permitting.
  • Do not pick up any unsafe, toxic, or hazardous waste! Report any waste of this type to your group leader.
  • Work associated with the Adopt Program can be physically demanding. All participants should be mentally alert, use good judgement, and work to their individual abilities.


18 OAKS 1725 Oakes Ave Walking Victorious Ministry
ALLOUEZ 3631 E 2nd St available
BARKER'S ISLAND FESTIVAL PARK 15 Marina Dr Artisan Investigations
BEAR CREEK 110 Moccasin Mike Road Silverwood Pet Care
BENNY PETERSON 1107 Hughitt Ave The Keener Family
BILLINGS PARK 15 Billings Dr Team RWB
CARL GULLO 510 26th Ave E available
CENTER CITY PARK 1501 Tower Ave The Haroldson Family
CENTRAL PARK 717 6th Ave E Challenge Center
GOUGE PARK 315 13th Ave E Superior Evening Lions Club  
HAMMOND PARK 1920 Hammond Ave Charter NEX Films
HARBOR VIEW PARK 301 E 2nd St Barko Hydraulics, LLC.
HERITAGE PARK 2828 Hammond Ave Central Assembly of God Church
KELLY PARK 711 Grand Ave available
VETERAN'S MEMORIAL 702 Catlin Ave Strong Compass  
WADE BOWL 1228 Clough Ave Dive Technology Advisors
WEBSTER DREAM PARK 5718 Tower Ave Brownie Troop #4405
VETERANS MEMORIAL/FLAG PARK East 2nd Street near Bong Center available


BARKER'S ISLAND RAIN GARDEN 15 Marina Dr available
BILLINGS PARK RAISED BED 15 Billings Dr anonymous
CENTER CITY PARK 1501 Tower Ave available
CENTRAL PARK 717 6th Ave E Superior Optimist Club
HAMMOND PARK 1920 Hammond Ave available
HARBOR VIEW PARK 301 E 2nd St Barko Hydraulics LLC.

VETERAN'S MEMORIAL - WATERFRONT E 2nd Street & Marina Dr Missinne Greenhouse & Landscape
HERITAGE PARK 2828 Hammond Ave available
KELLY PARK 711 Grand Ave Superior Housing Authority
WEBSTER PARK 5718 Tower Ave Bethel Lutheran Church Youth Group


OSAUGIE TRAIL E Street to Perkins (Portion1) available
OSAUGIE TRAIL Perkins to 18th Ave E (Portion 2) available
OSAUGIE TRAIL Rotary Pavilion to Loon's Foot Landing (Portion 3) available
OSAUGIE TRAIL Loon's Foot Landing to 42nd St (Portion 4) available
OSAUGIE TRAIL 42nd St to Moccasin Mike Rd (Portion 5) available
MILLENNIUM TRAIL Elmira Ave to parking lot @ Wyoming Ave (Portion 1)
Greg Elonen & Family
MILLENNIUM TRAIL Parking lot @ Wyoming Ave to Billings Drive (Portion 2) Cindy Spongberg & Family


WOODSTOCK BAY  North 28th Street Northland Paddlers Alliance

WISCONSIN POINT Allouez Bay side Northland Paddlers Alliance

LOON'S FOOT LANDING 31st Avenue East "Action" Acton Remax Results